Designing Outdoor Spaces: How to Seamlessly Mix Different Styles

Using a consistent color, creating a cohesive look.

Decorating with a consistent color allows you to mix styles while still creating a cohesive look.  While there are multiple elements in this outdoor space, the simple, yet subtle, color palette ties everything together.   The taupe and driftwood shades blend perfectly and create a layered, yet relaxing environment.

Our contemporary Coronado Club Chairs here are paired with a contemporary square coffee table, while the pedestal end tables incorporate a traditional style.  The stone fireplace, walls, and exposed support beams are rustic, however the neutral color palette is consistent, and allows the room to flow and appear balanced.

Despite the mix of styles and patterns, the balance of styles is equally distributed.  The overall feel is that of contemporary comfort and a classic, beautiful space.

Neutrals can unify different styles.

This space mixes styles beautifully.  By starting with the larger, functional pieces in one style and a neutral color palette, the main style is created.  Other elements can be added in while still carrying the main style throughout.

Here, the functional pieces include our outdoor furniture which can be used inside the home too, as shown by the Laguna Sofa and Laguna Club Chairs.  The driftwood sofa and chairs of this modern seating group adds warmth along with the varying natural shades of the kitchen cabinets, exposed beams, and trim around the windows.

The coastal end tables, white cushions, light wall colors and tiled floor continue the neutral palette and allow the open floor plan of the home to flow while showcasing multiple styles.

Create a focal point.

The stunning fireplace and landscape of this home shine by allowing them to be the focal point of this outdoor space.  With the focus on the fireplace, the complementing furniture does not need to compete with the view.

While the fireplace reflects a global style, the space is wonderfully balanced with both traditional and contemporary styles.  The scale of our contemporary Coronado Armless Club Chairs surrounding the coffee table mirrors the scale of our traditional Montecito Loveseats in the background.

The two seating groups both create inviting, comfortable options for relaxing outdoors.  The overall color palette is simple and subtle, and the weight of the pieces is distributed perfectly, helping to tie the different styles together.