Modern Style Throughout Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is an extension of a homeowner’s living space.  And when the interior of a home is full of the latest technology and modern aesthetics, it’s important that outdoor space reflects that same style.  Read our top two tips to help you achieve a high quality, upscale, modern look in any outdoor space.

1) Clean and Simple Lines

Modern style doesn’t exist without clean, simple lines.  It flows throughout every feature in a modern home.  From the hardware to the furniture, from the flooring to the backsplash, every aspect of modern style is fused together with clean lines.  When creating an outdoor living and dining space, these same rules apply.  From the flooring to the furniture, clean and simple lines make a bold statement.

Featured in the photograph below is a modern furniture collection accenting a modern outdoor space.  Look at how every element in the space is symmetrical with sleek details.  The flooring is a crisp white, setting the tone for the contrasting black aluminum frames.

La Jolla Cllection from Sunset West
La Jolla Cllection from Sunset West

2) Coordinating Landscaping

It’s easy to purchase an outdoor furniture collection and place it in an outdoor space.  But if that outdoor space lacks the basic aesthetics, it loses its luster.  When designing an outdoor living space, you want to consider the function as well as aesthetics.  What will the space be used for?  Dining by the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, sitting by the fire table, romantic escapes from the kids?  There are so many different ways to transform your outdoors.

Knowing the primary function helps to determine how to landscape and create a backdrop.  When you design a modern outdoor space, you need to find not only furniture and flooring that matching the interior design, but also the outdoor elements, such as modern plants, ponds, water features, etc.

Take a look at how you can create a serene atmosphere with a modern flair.

La Jolla Round Dining Table from Sunset West
La Jolla Round Dining Table from Sunset West

Notice the landscaping with the cactus plants?   Or the stone contrasting against the pop of black on the handrail?  Or the glass that allows the eyes to enjoy the water beyond the patio?  These tiny details come together to create an unforgettable setting.


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