Outdoor Living Space Style Inspiration

Creating the perfect look in your outdoor space is simple when you have a backdrop, like the ocean, to guide your creativity.  But when you live in a suburb and don’t have Mother Nature to guide you, finding the perfect design is difficult.

To help you find your style, create your own backdrop, and fall in love with you outdoor living space, we’ve compiled some serious outdoor living inspo!  Take a look and let us know which is look is your favorite.

Notice the clean lines on this seating collection.  Simplicity is key to this look.  With crisp white linens and a pop of color in the accent pillows, this look is all about letting nature speak for itself.

To shop this look, click here.  You’ll find the La Jolla Collection.  It’s filled with club chairs, couches, a chaise, and even an ottoman.  This collection is a contemporary take on luxury.  From the open concept of these pieces to clean lines on this European design, the La Jolla Collection fuses aesthetics and comfort into one crisp design.

In this outdoor living space, rich, bold curves take center stage.  From the dark chocolate weave to the contrasting white linens, this look evokes a sense of warmth and comfort.  With simple plants in the background, this outdoor space would be easy to emulate in any setting.  Shop this look here.

Can we take a moment to obsess over this fireplace?  It’s the perfect focal point!  Even with the mountains in the background, the eyes are naturally drawn to the fire place and it’s incredible structural design.  As you look at the fireplace, your eyes wander down to the coffee table then out to the couches.  Even with so much open space behind the fireplace, because of the staging of this outdoor living space, your eyes are never lost in all of the outdoor grandeur.

To create this look in your outdoor space, take a look at the Emerald II collection.  The pieces in this collection feature all-weather wicker for maximum durability and aesthetic appeal.  With the pop of color in the accent pillows, combined with the jute rug, this look is sophisticated and comforting.

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