Designing Outdoor Spaces: How to Seamlessly Mix Colors

Have you updated your outdoor space recently – if not, what are you waiting for?!?  With summer well underway, it is definitely time to create your perfect space to relax and unwind outdoors.  Last time, we shared how to design your outdoor space by mixing materials.  Another trend for designing outdoor spaces is mixing colors.

One of the best and easiest ways to decorate an outdoor space is by including our resin wicker deep-seating.  The finishes are traditional enough to withstand décor trends, neutral enough to allow you to change up or complement your color scheme without breaking your budget, and sturdy enough to withstand the elements.  You can seamlessly decorate with differently colored furniture, by following these helpful tips:

Add a Buffer

Our Coronado Loveseats, the tiled floor, end tables, fireplace, and coffee table here are each a different neutral shade, which on their own could be distracting – or even worse – boring. But by adding a rug or repeating an accent color, they create a focal point so the furniture doesn’t compete.  Here, the bright blue rug and blue pillows lend a beautiful pop of color and create a buffer, which keeps the room interesting and adds a lovely balance.


White Creates the Perfect Neutral

Teak & Table mixes these neutral tones beautifully with our Coronado Swivel Rockers and this coffee table, creating an inviting space.  Though these pieces vary in color, finish and material, they contrast just enough so that they don’t compete.  The addition of white cushions keeps the space from looking too busy, while repeating the same shade of blue on the umbrella, pillows, and rug creates the perfect harmony.

Balance Light and Dark

Balancing varying wood tones throughout this patio keep the space from feeling too heavy in any area.  Our Teak Coffee and End Tables in Rustic Natural beautifully complement the varied tones of our Montecito Sofa and Club Chair weave.

This space works because well – it incorporates the rule of three by presenting each shade three times and maintains a similar scale with the tables and seating.  It still feels inviting without disrupting the balance and flow of the space.

Designing Outdoor Spaces: How to Seamlessly Mix Materials

As we roll into warmer weather, many of you (and us!) are looking to refresh your outdoor space. American Home Furnishings Alliance and the ICFA surveyed 1,000 adults with an outdoor living space and an overwhelming 70% stated they enjoyed spending more time in their outdoor living space than their indoor space. With this many Americans migrating to the outdoors to spend their time, the demand for better design that complements their indoor style, and easily transitions outside, is here to stay.

One of the latent trends for outdoor furniture, everything pre-packaged and matching, is quickly fading as homeowners are looking to curate different materials to mirror the comfort and style of their indoor space.

Doing this well can be tricky, though it can be accomplished if you ensure your space is unified through coordinating colors, style and layout.

Coronado Club Chairs - Sunset West Outdoor Fine Furnishings

Take a cue from inside your home.

First, consider furniture that is a natural extension of the style inside your home. As the Toll Brothers demonstrate here in one of their model homes, the furniture in the breezeway is in the same vein as the inside of the home, the same color palette, style and mix of wood and metal with wicker. Coronado Club Chairs shown.

La Jolla Dining Chairs - Driftwood Teak Dining Table - Sunset West Furniture

Keep it neutral.

The number of different materials you can use in a given space is limitless. As we see in this beautiful example of mixing different materials and silhouettes, this space is perfectly unified with matching upholstery on the grand dining chairs as the seat cushions on the metal frame chairs. Accents such as candles and pottery thread the theme throughout the space resulting in a cohesive, inviting setting. La Jolla Dining Chairs and Driftwood Teak Dining Table shown.

Montecito Club Chairs - Sunset West Outdoor Furniture

Use an accent color.

DMI (Denise Morrison Interiors) does an excellent job of mixing, wood, metal and wicker with different tones by following the ‘rule of 3’. We see the presentation of 3 concrete tables with 3 wicker pieces (two club chairs and an accent tray). The finish of the wooden swing is married with the undertone in the wicker and the stone colored cushion ties the piece to the concrete tables. The continuity of blue as an accent color creates a flow that allows each piece to complement each other. Montecito Club Chairs shown.

Laguna Dining Table & Coronado Dining Chairs - Sunset West

Choose similar colors and tones.

This sophisticated dining space perfectly balances contrasting textures by mixing a teak-inspired aluminum with woven dining chairs. The similar wood tones and neutral shades give the space an inviting, on-trend rustic farmhouse style and look. The complimentary tones also set the stage for introducing and experimenting with different pops of color to add even more dimension and interest. Laguna Dining Table and Coronado Dining Chairs shown.

Luxury Patio Furniture Collections

Styles are constantly changing and transforming.  With new trends emerging, having high quality, luxury patio furniture can make all of the difference in your outdoor living space.  Where plastic fold up chairs were once the norm, technology has advanced enough to allow for fully upholstered furniture to be the center of attention. Comfort is now an acceptable adjective to describe your outdoor space.  Browse through these luxury furniture collections from Sunset West to find the perfect fit for your style.


The Coronado is wrapped with a driftwood resin wicker.  It’s sophisticated aesthetics make outdoor luxury seating a thing of the present.  The Coronado has beautiful proportions that allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style. Learn more about the Coronado here.


The Manhattan takes your outdoor space to the beach.  With carefully scaled design elements, this collection is relaxing and stylish.  With thick cushions and generous seating, comfort has never looked so luxurious.  Spend time in the outdoors and you host dinner parties, make memories with the kids, or enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Learn more about the Manhattan here.

South Cove, Dana Point, Built by Zephyr


When you want a fresh design in your outdoor living space, the Leucadia is the perfect option.  The transitional design of this bold collection instantly transports you to an oasis filled with tranquility.  Designed with a straw-colored weave, the is a light feel of this thick cushioned collection.  A perfect balance between comfort and class makes this collection a must have. Learn more about the Leucadia here.


Sunset West’s Provence collection is timeless, both in quality and design. Sophisticated European undertones and elegant, clean lines are complemented by a graceful woven back. Fully-welded, powder coated wrought iron frames in a subtly distressed Century Pewter are finished with an exclusive 5-step process to ensure color fastness and durability. This collection offers a generous range of deep-seating and dining pieces with fast-drying cushions. Learn more about the Provence here.


For a more modern design, the Laguna collection has a driftwood finish accented with indoor-quality cushions.  The sleek design of the legs perfect for a contemporary beach home or at a weekend retreat alike.  The Laguna collection is versatile with transitional lines to create symmetry and class in any outdoor space. Learn more about the Laguna here.

Outdoor Living Trends for 2018

With the start of 2018, we’ve seen a lot of exciting new trends for the year.  Gone are the days of patio chairs scattered across a brick foundation.  The trends for 2018 project more upscale, modern luxury in the outdoor scene.

People want their outdoor space to be an extension of their home.  Establishing an outdoor room they can go to at the end of the day for some relaxation is the key concept when designing an outdoor space this season.  Homeowners are looking for a place of comfort and convenience without the costs associated with extending the square footage of their home.  Plus, who doesn’t love the great outdoors?  Whether you live in the mountains or on the plains, there is something peaceful about getting outside and soaking up the sun.

Check out these design ideas that are trending this year.

Coronado Dining Collection

Luxury furniture that’s fit for any indoor space. 

When you want to relax, there’s nothing more important the relaxing furniture.  The last thing you want to sit on at the end of a day is an uncomfortable fold up chair.  That’s why luxury furniture is the focal point this season.  With aesthetics and comfort in mind, the advances in technology allow for fully upholstered outdoor furniture.

The Provence is the perfect combination of indoor comfort with outdoor aesthetics.  With wrought iron in a century pewter finish and lush cushions you can spend hours in, this timeless outdoor collection offers poise and luxury for any outdoor living space.

Provence Seating Collection
Provence Seating Collection

Smooth and Fashionable Flooring

There’s nothing worse than stepping into your outdoor oasis and hurting your feet on uneven flooring.  Everything is changing this year.  Smooth flooring makes outdoor living desirable.  Whether you opt for tile, sealed concrete, or good old-fashioned wood, make sure it’s been treated to create a smooth texture and finished to handle Mother Nature.

When designing an outdoor space, you want your floors create cohesion with your space.  Painting the flooring can give your outdoor space a polished look.  If you’re creating the illusion of a bigger space, you can paint stripes or a checkerboard pattern.  Add an outdoor rug to finish off the look.

Solana Seating Collection
Solana Seating Collection

Modern Hardware

Creating cohesion with your indoor space is important when extending your living space into the outdoors.  Match your hardware for an intentional aesthetic.  If you have a wrought iron light piece, consider wrought iron furniture.  If you have stainless steel accessories, consider a stainless steel ceiling fan.  These small details can drastically transform the look of your space.


Learn more about the following Sunset West Collections:

Wes Stewart Chats with Casual Living’s Waynette Goodson

At Las Vegas Market Casual Living Editor Waynette Goodson chats with Wes Stewart about the company’s growth in 2017, new collections in 2018, and industry trends.

Las Vegas Winter Market Wrap-up

The Las Vegas Winter Market 2018 was an incredible success! We were able to introduce new designs, second generation pieces, and so much more. If you weren’t able to attend market, we’ve got some new and exciting collections that you’ll love. The showstopper was our new collection, “The Milano.” This collection features acrylic rope deep seating and dining pieces that make the outdoors flow seamlessly with the beauty and class of interior design.

We went into market having a substantial 29 percent growth for 2017! And we have high expectations for what 2018 will bring with pieces and collections that allow homeowners to transition the indoor and outdoor entertaining space. From outdoor kitchens to indoor breezeways, creating cohesion between your indoor and outdoor living space is seamless. The style of these collections features beautiful neutrals that allow for curation of mixed finishes, media, and silhouettes throughout the entire line—wicker with metal and teak with wicker.

At the show, Sunset West introduced new designs for the casual market for Spring 2018. From multi-finish teak to seamless bench cushions for sofas in deep-seating collections, metal stone mix occasional tables to second generation fire tables as well as a new take on the traditional resin wicker flat weave in a textured tone that complements any color palette, each of these new designed received glowing reviews for innovation and design by designers and retailers alike.

Customers at the show were impressed with the large, comfortable, spacious seating you typically find in indoor design. Our mission is to create pieces with an indoor look, but the stamina necessary to thrive outdoors. Our furniture is never without the highest quality standards, our entire line—wicker, metal, teak, and fire tables—are built to last and age gracefully.

Whether you love our new product offering or our current designs, Sunset West looks to be your resource for great looks, design, comfort and value.

Below are some photos from our showroom at Las Vegas Winter Market 2018!

The Majorca Collection
The Majorca Collection
The Redondo Collection
The Redondo Collection
Provence Club Sofa and Club and Coffee Table
Provence Club Sofa and Club and Coffee Table
Milano Sofa + Milano Bazaar Club Chair
Milano Sofa + Milano Bazaar Club Chair
Coronado Dining Chair and Bench + Driftwood Teak Dining Table
Coronado Dining Chair and Bench + Driftwood Teak Dining Table
Havana Sofa and Club Chair + Driftwood Teak Coffee Table
Havana Sofa and Club Chair + Driftwood Teak Coffee Table
Laguna + Driftwood Teak Large Console + Rectangle Fire Table
Laguna + Driftwood Teak Large Console + Rectangle Fire Table
Laguna + Driftwood Teak Large Console + Rectangle Fire Table
Laguna + Driftwood Teak Large Console + Rectangle Fire Table
Manahattan Dining Chair + Teak Dining Table + Driftwood Teak Rack
Manahattan Dining Chair + Teak Dining Table + Driftwood Teak Rack
Rustic Natural Teak - Small Console and Rack
Rustic Natural Teak – Small Console and Rack

Creating Paradise in a Small Outdoor Space

Provence Deep Seating Collection
Provence Deep Seating Collection

When your outdoor space is limited, it can be difficult to find the motivation to create a luxurious outdoor living space.  Often times, homeowners will draw the blinds and pretend the backyard doesn’t exist.  This can be true for condo and apartment living too.  Instead of shutting off your outdoor space, transform it.

Small outdoor living can be your home’s greatest asset, if your design is right.  Here are some tips to help you take your outdoor space to a new level of luxury.


You can have the greatest furniture with the best view of the city skyline, but if you don’t bring in natural elements to your landscaping, your space will feel incomplete and unnatural.  Whether you’re working with a balcony or a small yard, you can create a beautiful oasis that easily becomes your favorite place to relax at the end of each day.

Landscaping makes a huge difference in the way you view your space.  You don’t have to add a full garden to make your space feel approachable.  Pressure wash your space, clean and repaint if necessary, and add some green (that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance).


Once you’ve got a clean space to work with, it’s time to fill it.  When you have a small space, you want furniture that is sleek, not bulky.  Find pieces that fit your style and create cohesion with your indoor living space.

Here are some pieces that make a small outdoor space pop! From stools and pub tables to club chairs and occasional tables, there are so many options that will keep your outdoor space cozy and classy.

Cardiff Dining Collection
Cardiff Dining Collection

The Cardiff collection has a transitional frame and is designed with a thick walnut resin weave.  This collection shows that a thick weave can work in a small space.  With the tall pub table and stools, the eye is drawn up and it makes a small space seem bigger.

The Moorea club chair and end table are the perfect complement to a small outdoor space.  With an open design, this set doesn’t create a bulky look that creates a cluttered look in a small space.

Venice Bar Counter Stool
Venice Bar Counter Stool


Determine the focal point of your outdoor space.  Do you have a fire pit?  Do you have a great view? Do you have absolutely nothing to work it?  Whatever your situation, create a focal point.  Maybe you have the beach as your background.  Position your furniture to allow the setting to be the focal point.  If you don’t have a focal point, create your own.  Position your furniture around a fire table to create an intimate and relaxing setting.

Staging is a crucial part of designing any space.  You can have all of the right supplies, but without proper placement, your space looks cluttered and forgotten.  Transform your small outdoor space into a piece of paradise and enjoy the peace of outdoor living.

Manhattan Outdoor Furniture Collection
Manhattan Outdoor Furniture Collection

Modern Style Throughout Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is an extension of a homeowner’s living space.  And when the interior of a home is full of the latest technology and modern aesthetics, it’s important that outdoor space reflects that same style.  Read our top two tips to help you achieve a high quality, upscale, modern look in any outdoor space.

1) Clean and Simple Lines

Modern style doesn’t exist without clean, simple lines.  It flows throughout every feature in a modern home.  From the hardware to the furniture, from the flooring to the backsplash, every aspect of modern style is fused together with clean lines.  When creating an outdoor living and dining space, these same rules apply.  From the flooring to the furniture, clean and simple lines make a bold statement.

Featured in the photograph below is a modern furniture collection accenting a modern outdoor space.  Look at how every element in the space is symmetrical with sleek details.  The flooring is a crisp white, setting the tone for the contrasting black aluminum frames.

La Jolla Cllection from Sunset West
La Jolla Cllection from Sunset West

2) Coordinating Landscaping

It’s easy to purchase an outdoor furniture collection and place it in an outdoor space.  But if that outdoor space lacks the basic aesthetics, it loses its luster.  When designing an outdoor living space, you want to consider the function as well as aesthetics.  What will the space be used for?  Dining by the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, sitting by the fire table, romantic escapes from the kids?  There are so many different ways to transform your outdoors.

Knowing the primary function helps to determine how to landscape and create a backdrop.  When you design a modern outdoor space, you need to find not only furniture and flooring that matching the interior design, but also the outdoor elements, such as modern plants, ponds, water features, etc.

Take a look at how you can create a serene atmosphere with a modern flair.

La Jolla Round Dining Table from Sunset West
La Jolla Round Dining Table from Sunset West

Notice the landscaping with the cactus plants?   Or the stone contrasting against the pop of black on the handrail?  Or the glass that allows the eyes to enjoy the water beyond the patio?  These tiny details come together to create an unforgettable setting.


Curated Collections at Sunset West

Casual Living Editor Waynette Goodson chats with Wes Stewart, managing partner, Sunset West, about the company and its penchant for blending West Coast style with a designerly aesthetic. For more Casual Living videos click here!