Care & Maintenance

Sunset West’s furniture and appearance will be enjoyed for years with proper care and maintenance. Please review the following instructions thoroughly. Failure to maintain your furniture may void the warranty.


Wash with a mild soap and warm water solution. 1/4 cup of dish detergent per gallon of water should suffice. Use a terry cloth rag to wash the frames and never use coarse brushes or cleanser pads as they may damage the finish. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Coastal areas are very harsh on all metals and powder coated aluminum is no exception. Salt must be cleaned from frames on a regular basis or the finish may oxidize, discolor and/or blister. Especially in freezing environments, outdoor furniture should be free from water and covered in the winter or stored in a shed or garage. While drain holes are part of preventative measures, water can still gather in the frames, freeze, and cause the finish to crack and the frame to burst. Finally, to maintain or restore the luster of your powder-coated finish, applying a coat of clear liquid car wax once a season. Just like regular washing and keeping your car in the garage, a little extra care will allow your furniture to last longer.


Resin weaves are virtually maintenance free, however; it is recommended to clean the frames on an occasional basis to prevent the build-up of dirt. Use soap and water occasionally to clean the weave and the under sides. In extreme climates where temperatures can reach above 100°, place furniture in 50% shaded areas.


Our multi-step water based commercial grade finish is applied to the rustic planks and then sealed with Golden Care® ‘Teak-Shield’.  We recommend continuing applying ‘Teak-Shield’ to aid the longevity of the finish. To prolong the life of the applied finish even further, we recommend placing the furniture in a covered area, particularly during extended times when not in use or for storage off season.

When exposed to the elements, the water-based finish will eventually wear away and uncover the unfinished natural teak underneath, which will then start its own ‘natural ’weathering process and slowly acquire the silver-gray patina that is the characteristic of untreated teak when exposed to the outdoors.

Please note during weathering process, the appearance of the furniture may be uneven but will eventually develop beautiful uniform silvery-gray patina. Moving Parts: Periodically check and tighten, if necessary all nuts and bolts to see that they are secure and functioning correctly. This will ensure that all products operate as they should.


Sunset West uses Sunbrella® (solution dyed acrylic fabric) exclusively. It is recommended to clean the fabrics on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt to occur and the chance of mildew to form.