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Rustic Natural Teak 94" Trestle Table

Rustic Natural Teak 94" Trestle Table

Quick Overview

L94" x W40" x H29"

Our Rustic Natural Teak Tables are made from 100% solid teak wood, which may contain grooves, knots, splices, cracks, and other rustic features. These attributes are intentional and give each piece its own unique character. Even though the teak has been kiln dried, it is solid wood. In an ever changing hot/cold environment with changes in humidity, expect slight splitting, checking, and possibly lifting. When exposed to the elements, the table will start its own ‘natural ’weathering process and slowly acquire the silver-gray patina that is the characteristic of untreated teak when exposed to the outdoors.

SKU: 5201-TRDT94 - RN